Trim your sails to 1/100th of a knot

The Signet Marine SL267A has a large, high-contrast LCD which provides precise speed readings from 0.00 knots up to 75.00 knots. Because it reads out to two decimal places, the SL267A is ideal for trimming your sails. Its resettable log shows from 0.00 to 9999 nautical miles traveled.

The trend feature found on the SL267A may be used for accurate sail trim and for overall boat performance. Indicators on the LCD provide easy-to-read information on your boat's speed performance and are always on-line while in the normal viewing mode.

By pressing the switch on the front of the instrument you may select the log mode, calibration mode, or adjust the speed averaging constant.

The SL267A has been designed using the latest technology available. Its transducer is compatible with Signet Marine thru-hulls dating back some 40 years, making it the perfect upgrade for your current analog knotmeter.

Each unit is vigorously tested and must pass a series of extensive quality control standards before it is shipped. All units come with a two-year warranty.

Instrument Dimensions

Main Features
Large, High-Contrast LCD
0.00 - 75.00 Knot Scale
Accuracy: ± 1% after calibration
Adjustable Speed Averaging
Speed Trend Indicator
Complete with Sensor and all Hardware

Mounting Options
Thru-hulls: Flush or Mushroom
Indicator: Bulkhead or Panel Mounting


Power Requirements
Instrument: 12 VDC (500 mA)
Lighting: 12 VDC


The Signet Marine SL276A digital knot-log is highly accurate and perfect for the offshore racer or the weekend cruiser.
speed sensor
paddlewheel flush thru hull and plug

What's in the box?
The complete system includes:

  • SL267A Digital Knot meter
  • Paddlewheel Sensor with 35 feet of cable
  • Thru-hull fitting (flush or mushroom style)
  • Thru-hull plug
  • Instruction Manual and mounting hardware

Complete System w/ Flush Fitting:
 (1-4201-1)  $485

Complete System w/ Mushroom Fitting:
 (1-4201-11)  $485

Instrument Only:
(1-4201.100-1)  $419

Flush thru-hull with
removable plug inserted