There's nothing like an orange needle

The Signet Marine SL254's bright orange analog pointer tracks apparent wind angle a full 360 degrees relative to your boat's direction and is extremely easy to view in all lighting conditions. Wind speed is displayed in one-knot increments on the digital Liquid Crystal Display (LCD). 12-Volt red night-lighting provides crystal clear illumination from dusk to dawn.

Time proven history of reliability

The SL254 features advanced microprocessor-based technology which results in a low power drain on your boat's electrical system. This technology also ensures improved accuracy and reliability for the most demanding marine applications. The masthead sensor is extremely reliable and robust. Many of our masthead sensors still running strong after 15 years.

The indicator may be mounted on a bulkhead, instrument panel, or instrument pod. As with all our Traditional Instruments, the glass face is completely sealed to withstand weather, wash down, and corrosion. Matte-black finishing helps to minimize glare.

The Signet Marine SL254 is the most trouble-free instrument you will ever own! Each unit is vigorously tested and must pass extensive quality control standards before it is shipped. All units come with a two-year warranty.

Signet Marine SL 11 Analog Knotmeter
Instrument Dimensions

Main Features
Large, Easy-To-Read Dial
Hydraulically Dampened Masthead Sensor
0 - 99 Knot Wind Speed Scale
Direction Accuracy: ± 5% after calibration
Speed Accuracy: ± 1 knot after calibration
360 Degree Range
Red Night Lighting
Complete with Sensor and Hardware

Mounting Options
Sensor: Masthead Mounting Required
Indicator: Bulkhead or Panel Mounting


Power Requirements
Instrument: 12 VDC, 270 mA
Lighting: 12 VDC, 500 mA


The Signet Marine SL254 displays both wind speed and wind point information, making it the ideal wind instrument for both racers and cruisers alike.
speed sensor

What's in the box?
The complete system includes:

  • SL254 Wind Instrument
  • Masthead Sensor
  • Masthead Cable (80 ft.) with integral connectors (Custom lengths available on request )
  • Instruction Manual and Mounting Hardware

SL254 with Masthead Sensor (M25400)  $1235
SL254 Instrument Only: (M25440)  $535


Also available in the Signet Marine Sail Pak, which includes the SL267A Knot-log and the SL172 Depth sounder at a discounted price.