Signet Marine SL11 Knotmeter
Paddlewheel Sensor

Unique design for the purist.

The Signet Marine SL11 Analog Knot meter consists of a precision instrument and unique paddlewheel transducer to provide definitive speed indication for both racing and cruising yachts. The SL11 Analog Knot meter is capable of sensing and displaying variations in speed as low as 0.1 knot!

The Signet Marine SL11 Analog Knot meter is completely self-powered. This makes it ideal for smaller yachts with limited power supplies or as a backup unit for larger yachts. The transducer generates an AC signal which is read by the dampened meter movement. For night use, red illumination is provided through a full 360-degree lens (12V power required).

The SL11 Analog Knot meter comes complete with all mounting hardware and your choice of through-hull fitting.

The instrument was designed to provide you with many years of trouble-free service. Its transducer is compatible with Signet Marine through-hulls dating back over 40 years, making it the perfect upgrade for your current knot meter.

Each unit is vigorously tested and must pass extensive quality control standards before it is shipped. All units come with a two-year warranty.

Signet Marine SL 11 Analog Knotmeter
Instrument Dimensions

Main Features
Large, Easy-To-Read Dial
0 - 12 Knot Scale Standard
Self-Powered System
Red Night-Lighting
Scratch Resistant Front Glass

Mounting Options
Thru-hulls: Flush or Mushroom
Indicator: Bulkhead or Panel Mounting


Power Requirements
Instrument: No Power Required
Lighting: 12 VDC (270 mA)


A time-honored classic. The Signet Marine SL11 Analog Knot meter runs on sensor generated power alone. No electricity required!
speed sensor
flush thru hull and plug

What's in the box?
The complete system includes:

  • SL11 Analog Knot meter
  • Paddlewheel Sensor with 35 feet of cable
  • Thru-hull fitting (flush or mushroom style)
  • Thru-hull plug
  • Instruction Manual and mounting hardware

Complete System: (M1100)  $369
Instrument Only:  (M1140)   $269     

Flush thru-hull fitting with
removable plug inserted