Wind Module Package includes:

Wind Module Package: (1-5005)  $1095

SmartPak Performance Module : Performance Racing Information



The SL385 Performance Module interacts with the SL175 and SL225 SensePaks along with its own Fluxgate Compass and Heel Sensor to provide you with the following racing oriented functions:


Heel Angle

Opposite Heading
Predicted Speed

Smart Speed
Steer Angle

Target Boat Speed

True Wind Angle

True Wind Speed

True Wind Direction

Velocity Made Good

* The SL385 Performance Module requires the SL175 Base Module. Many of its functions are derived from the SL225 Wind Module as well.


Performance Module Package includes:

Performance Module Package: (1-5006-2)  $1845

Sl385 components

The SL425 Navigation Module is an information organizer for all your electronics. It brings GPS/Satnav information to your SmartPak display and sends SmartPak information via the NMEA 0183 serial communications protocol to a radar or digital map. It also sends apparent wind angle, speed and heading information to your autopilot or Satnav.
An RS-232 serial port allows it to interface with a personal computer enabling you to run software to evaluate performance (RS-232 to USB adapters are available).
The SL425 Sensepak provides the following functions:


SmartPak Navigation Module : Navigation Information
SL425 wiring diagram
Boat Speed
Battery Voltage
Trip Log
Time Difference #1
Time Difference #2
Time Difference #3
Time Difference #4
Time Difference #5
Time to Waypoint
(Loran) Velocity Made Good
Cross Track Error
True Course Over Water
Magnetic Course Over Water
Speed Over Water
Waypoint Latitude
Waypoint Longitude


Navigation Module Package includes:

Navigation Module Package: (1-5013)  $655

True Bearing
Magnetic Bearing

True Set


True Bearing Wpt-to-Wpt
Magnetic Bearing Wpt-to-Wpt
Universal Time Coordinate
From Waypoint
Magnetic Set
True Course Over Ground
Magnetic Course Over Ground
Speed Over Ground
True Heading
Magnetic Heading
Derived Magnetic Variation
Magnetic Variation

65 different functions

Signet Marine's SmartPak System is built upon an expandable modular design. Starting with a sophisticated single Base SensePak Module, which provides you with eight different functions, it can be expanded with additional SensePak Modules into a world class information system providing you with a whopping 65 channels of programmable data on up to 30 separate displays.

SmartPak provides more flexibility, greater precision and more data than you ever imagined possible.

The Signet Marine SmartPak System is our most advanced, top of the line instrumentation; allowing a wealth of information at your fingertips.


SL250 Display

SmartPak's unique SL250 display is the heart of every SmartPak system. It integrates all of the information you require (up to as many as 65 different functions) with programmable pages, fiber-optic lighting and a brilliant LCD readout on a 4 in. square instrument.

Build your system to fit your needs

SmartPak is as simple or complex as you would like it to be.
Simply build upon the Base SensePak Module with one or more SensePaks that you would like to plug into the system.

SensePaks - The Brains of the System
  • The SmartPak SL175 Base SensePak Module provides you with Speed, Depth, Log, Temperature, and Timer information.

  • Add the SL225 Wind SensePak to give you Apparent and True Wind functions as well as VMG.

  • The SL385 Performance SensePak interacts with the Base and Wind Modules with its own digital compass and heel angle sensor to give you critical performance racing information.

  • The SL425 Navigation SensePak allows your SmartPak system to communicate with your GPS, digital maps, and chart plotters.


SmartPak Base Module : Speed and Depth

The SL175 Base Module is typically the starting foundation of all SmartPak systems and provides the following functions:

Boat Speed


Water Temperature




Time of Day

Elapsed Time

Race Start Timer


Base Module Package includes:
  • SL250 Display
  • SL175 SensePak
  • Paddlewheel Sensor
  • Thru-hull fitting with plug
  • Depth Transducer
  • All cables and mounting hardware
  • Instruction Manual

Base Module w/ Flush Thru-Hulls: (SL250-BM1)  $985

Base Module w/ Mushroom Thru-Hulls: (SL250-BM2)  $1005

Base Module w/ Mushroom Extractable Thru-Hulls: (SL250-BM3)  $1019

* All components are also available separately - See Pricelist


Base Module Components
SmartPak Wind Module : Wind Information

The SL225 Wind Module plugs into the SL175 SensePak to provide you with the following wind functions:

Apparent Wind Angle

True Wind Angle

True Wind Speed

Velocity Made Good (VMG)

* The SL225 Wind Module requires the SL175 Base Module