Sealed Electronics Module with Alarm
Profiled in Salt Water Sportsman Magazine’s “New Gear” section
Green Status light = OK
Red Status Light = Flow Problem

It is not a question of if, but when your livewell bait pump will clog or malfunction. Will it happen when you are watching the livewell? Or on a fishing trip at 3 AM? Or will you find out an hour late when you have arrived at your destination?

The BaitWatch™ System uses an extractable paddlewheel flow sensor and digital electronics to detect low flow to the livewell so that pump malfunction, clogging, loss of prime or electrical failure to the pump can easily be monitored.


The BaitWatch™ System is composed of 3 main components: the Flow Sensor Housing, the small Electronics Module with a loud audible alarm and the Display Panel. The sensor housing is available in two models: the standard version for all pumps with hose sizes ¾ in. to 1 in. and the commercial version designed for high output pumps using 2 in. pipe.


The BaitWatch™ Bait Tank Alarm System features:

  • Extractable sensor which allows for easy inspection or cleaning.
  • Schedule 80 sensor housing with 1 in. removable hose nipples.
  • Anodized aluminum display panel with bi-color status light.
  • Remotely mounted alarm.
  • Fail-safe flow sensing: the paddlewheel must be spinning to be in a non-alarm state.
  • Two adjustable low-flow trigger points.
  • Polyurethane encapsulated electronics module.
  • Loud 103db audible alarm.


Considering the high cost of fuel, bait, and time, the BaitWatch™ System is the ideal answer to the problem of inadequate flow to the livewell caused by blockage, air-lock, electrical failure or loss of prime. The condition of the system can be monitored at any time via the status light on the display panel. When low flow is detected, the loud alarm is triggered and the status light changes from green to red.


For installation information, download the manual.













BaitWatch Livewell Bait Tank Alarm System:  (BW-1)   $195 

Installed on a new Tiara 3900.
Detailed in Western Outdoors Magazine.

The Signet Marine Baitwatch flow sensor monitors water flowing to your bait tank or any water flowing through a pipe.