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Customer Service at Signet Marine is our number one priority.
Thousands of boats on oceans all around the world have Signet Marine instruments installed — spanning back several decades. Supplying our customers with exceptional electronics and sensors that can also work with existing Signet equipment, or repairing an older instrument to keep it up and running, is what we are all about.


Do you have an older depth transducer that you don't want to remove from your hull which runs at a lower frequency than the new units? We can tune a new instrument to match your older transducer. Does your masthead cable have older style plugs? We can build a new wind instrument for you that will match your existing cable, or a new cable to match your older instrument. Is there a 5.5 in.hole cut in your bulkhead from an older non-functioning Signet Marine Instrument? No worries; our new instruments will fit that hole... exactly.


Our new instruments will work with your older sensors and our new sensors will work with your older instruments. We support our customers like crew members on our ship; because in the end, we are all sailing on this big vast ocean together.



Virtually all Signet Marine instruments can be repaired unless they are "beyond repair" or it is uneconomical to do so. Often a repair can get your instrument up and running for significantly less money than buying a new instrument. If your instrument is not working properly and you would like us to check it out, fill out the Repair Request form before sending it in. Include the filled out form in the box with your instrument.
Repair Estimates are free of charge.


Download the pdf order form.

This is a simple order form that you can fax or email to us. We recommend that you call in an order if you are not exactly sure what you need. That way we can be certain that we will get you the right equipment for your boat.


Signet Marine now lets you shop for all your Marine Hardware and Boating Supplies from our Port Supply distributor. You can choose from thousands of marine products and send us a quote request from our online quote request form. If you like our quote, you can buy your gear from us.


Download Signet Marine Manuals here

SL250 SmartPak Manual
SL11, MK11, MK30 Manual
SL172, MK 172 Manual
SL254, MK254, MK24 Manual
SL267A Manual
P80 (2-4401.100-1) Manual
SL80 (1-4401) Manual
SL60 (1-4300) Manual
MK151 System 1000 Manual
MK154 System 1500 Manual
MK152 System 2000 Manual


Download Signet Marine tech sheets here
Signet Marine Instrument Identification
Wiring Connector Identification
Signet Marine Masthead Wiring (Conxall plug)
Signet Marine Masthead Wiring (Amp plug)
Signet Marine Masthead Wire Color Coding
Signet Marine MK30 Wiring Diagram
Signet Marine Masthead Sensor Installation
Masthead Sensor Base Dimensions
Signet Marine Masthead Sensor Calibration
Depth Transducer and Thru-hull Dimensions
Signet Marine Depth Sounder Troubleshooting
Signet Marine Knotlog Troubleshooting
Signet Marine SL267 Knotlog Reset Info
Conxall Depth Plug Pin Identification
Signet Marine SmartPak Troubleshooting
Signet Marine Instrument Specifications