From America Cup challengers and around-the-world yachts, to coastal cruisers and daysailers, Signet Marine has been providing the marine industry with dependable boating electronics for over 40 years.

We take pride in supporting our customer base, going back over decades, by producing a current product line of marine electronics that can match earlier Signet Marine systems and installations.

Our philosophy has always been to create exceptional recreational marine electronics that are accurate, reliable and repairable. Many of our instruments and sensors are still going strong after 25 years at sea.

Many of today's marine instrument designs were first developed by us; the first paddlewheel speed transducer, the first LCD instruments and the first microprocessor-based integrated system were all Signet Marine developments.

We are a company of diverse backgrounds and many talents, where decisions are made by active boaters, sailors, racers, and cruisers who have over 60 years of industry experience and tens of thousands of miles of sailing experience. We are enthusiasts in touch both with your concerns as well as current technology, with customer service being our number one priority.

Our business hours are M-F 8am-4pm PST.
We are located on Mackay Lane, just north of Artesia Blvd.